Chief Executive Officer / Accounting Officer
Bev Williams

Chris Hatton
Nigel Holdcroft
Robin Marcus 
John Harland 

Chair of Legra Academy Trust
Kathy Herlock 

Vice Chair of Legra Academy Trust 
Adam Tregoning  

Bev Williams
John P Hunt
Fay Evans
Janet Jones

Chief Financial Officer 

Peter Tomkins 

The Members meet once a year. Their role is to:

  • appoint the Directors to the board of the Multi Academy Trust (MAT)
  • remove any Director
  • wind up the Multi Academy Trust (MAT)
  • act as a check and balance on the performance of the Trust
  • amend the articles of association.

The Trustees/Directors meet six times a year. Their role is to:

  • be responsible for the management and administration of the Trust
  • set the ethos vision and values
  • implement and monitor the strategy of the Multi Academy Trust (MAT)
  • ensure proper and effective use of public funds
  • oversee the quality of the education provision
  • hold the CEO, Principal's and Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to account.

For more information on our Directors, Members and Trustees, you can see their profiles under our Members and Directors tab. Alternatively, you can click on their name above to link to their profile.

Local Governing Bodies

In addition to the Directors, Members and Trustees, each academy has a Local Governing Body (including staff and parent governors). The Local Governing Bodies report into the Board. Details of the LGB of each academy can be found on their websites.