Belfairs High School opened in 1955. In 2011 the School was rebuilt under the "Building Schools for the Future" programme. Belfairs High School converted to a stand-alone Academy Trust on 11th May 2012, to be known as Belfairs Academy Trust. In 2014, encouraged by the Department for Education, the trustees of the stand-alone academy trust and the governors of Belfairs Academy agreed to convert to a multi academy trust with a view to working with good and outstanding schools and supporting weaker schools.

With effect from 1st February 2015 Belfairs Academy Trust became Legra Academy Trust, a multi academy trust, incorporating Belfairs Academy. On 1st September 2015 Cecil Jones Academy (formerly Cecil Jones College) and Darlinghurst School joined Legra Academy Trust and the three academies now work together in their pursuit of excellence.